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The Fondazione CRT invests strategically in human capital training to provide the new generations with the skills they need for their future and to support the growth of the organisations and businesses that are the foundation of society: 6,000 local talents gathered in a community of educated, motivated and entrepreneurial people.

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Davide Rovera

The story of Davide

Startups from 0 to 100

As a child he dreamed of being a butcher; when he grew up he became a “startup professor.” This is the story of Davide Rovera who has chosen to intertwine technology, people and opportunity.

Giulia Mascadri, Elena Ferrero and Veronica Santoro in the winning team of the international training event on social entrepreneurship.
Double podium for Fondazione CRT's Talenti per l'Impresa, which with Agree and Atelier Riforma won two places at the Green Alley Award finals.
First national free training course for future leaders begins: almost 60% of participants are women.

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