Download the Logo

The Fondazione CRT trademark expresses the personal identity of the Foundation and conveys an idea of strength, security and reliability. The guidelines define the correct application of the logo to ensure the best possible recognition throughout the world.

The Fondazione CRT created its new logo in 2016. Designed by FM Milano Studio, the graphic image is a synthesis of tradition and innovation. Watch the video presentation of the new logo and find out how to download it.

Here you can download the Foundation’s logo for communication and promotional purposes limited to the initiative for which a financial contribution has been approved and formally noted.

If you wish to mention the foundation or to use the Fondazione CRT Logo, please send your draft for a review for a prior approval to the email address: (maximum size should not exceed 4 MB).

We strongly recommend that you read the “Guide to Proper Trademark Use” before any application in order to avoid inappropriate use that would harm the Fondazione CRT’s institutional image.

If you have any questions, please write to: