Founded in 1991, Fondazione CRT is Italy's third largest foundation of banking origin in terms of assets. It has granted a total of more than EUR 2 billion for over 42,000 projects in the fields of art, research, education, welfare, the environment and innovation in the North West in a national and international dimension.

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The Foundation also experiments with interventions in the logic of impact investing, for social and environmental impact. One of the main examples at the European level is the urban regeneration of OGR Torino, the former Officine Grandi Riparazioni dei treni, redeveloped by Fondazione CRT and converted, with an investment of over EUR 100 million, into an innovative international centre for art and culture, scientific, technological and industrial research, and food.

Fondazione CRT is also active in the main international networks of philanthropy such as EVPA (European Venture Philanthropy Association) and Philea (Philanthropy Europe Association), which brings together more than 10,000 foundations and philanthropic bodies in Europe and the United States. It also collaborates with the United Nations and other organisations on a global scale, including Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, to strengthen the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals in its own interventions as well as in those of the other entities of the Fondazione CRT “galaxy”.

Bureau Members


Maurizio Irrera ad interim (CV ↓)


Annapaola Venezia ad interim

Steering Committee

Claudio Albanese
Paola Allamano
Roberta Ceretto 
Alice Colombo 
Cristina Di Bari (CV ↓)
Pier Benedetto Francese (CV ↓)
Davide Franco  (CV ↓)
Gianluca Gaidano (CV ↓)
Paolo Luciano Garbarino  (CV ↓)

Giampiero Leo (CV ↓)
Claudio Lubatti

Elisabetta Mazzola (CV ↓)
Anna Maria Poggi
Patrizia Polliotto
Michele Rosboch (CV ↓)
Alberto Rubba
Luca Settineri
Giuseppe Tardivo (CV ↓)
Elide Tisi
Silvia Triglio Godino
Fiorenza Viazzo (CV ↓)
Luisa Vuillermoz

Board of Directors

Maurizio Irrera ad interim

Vice Presidents
Caterina Bima (CV ↓)

Board Members
Davide Canavesio (CV ↓)
Anna Maria Di Mascio (CV↓)
Marco Giovannini (CV ↓)
Antonello Monti (CV ↓)

Board of Statutory Auditors

Luigi Tarricone (CV ↓)

Statutory Auditors 
Carolina Stampiggi (CV ↓)
Anna Zunino (CV ↓)

Deputy Auditors
Sara Veronese (CV ↓)
Antonio Robazza (CV ↓)

€ 167 Mln

€ 121 Mln

€ 2.500 Mln

€ 71 Mln

1.300 Projects

€ 40.000

The Historical

Fondazione CRT is based in Palazzo Perrone, a historic building in Via XX Settembre, in the heart of Turin. This palace has an eventful history! First it was a noble residence, then a military hospital; until the Unification of Italy it was the seat of the French embassy at the Savoy court; then it was the representative office of the old Cassa di Risparmio di Torino and finally the seat of the Fondazione CRT.

The incredible beauty of the 17th-century Palazzo Perrone di San Martino, considered unique in the city’s architecture and fine arts, is revealed to the public in a book that, for the first time, traces more than 300 years of its history.

Learn more about the history and beauty of Palazzo Perrone by downloading the historical-photographic e-book that can be freely consulted online: “Palazzo Perrone di San Martino – From Noble Residence to Headquarters of the Fondazione CRT“, edited by the Associazione culturale Amici di Bene on the thirtieth anniversary of the Fondazione CRT and published by Artistica di Savigliano.

Enjoy an immersive visit with a 3D virtual tour of the courtly rooms of Palazzo Perrone, exploring the entire area in high resolution so you can see even the most minor detail. 360° images, photo galleries with detailed historical information and videos with drone footage make the virtual visit particularly impressive.


Fondazione CRT is at the forefront of supporting the values of full accessibility and social inclusion. In collaboration with Consulta per le Persone in Difficoltà (Council for People in Difficulty), Fondazione CRT launched the first Disability Agenda in Italy: an inclusive plan written together with institutions and civil society for a future fit for all. The Foundation is committed to disseminating its content to create a tool for daily actions that stimulate collaboration, combines knowledge and effort and opens up new scenarios for our communities.

At OGR Turin the new Techstars startups: the 12 selected companies are the first to participate in the program dedicated to the Transformative World.
Acquired at Artissima 10 artworks by 7 artists to add to the collections of the city.
Selected 12 companies to participate in Endeavor Italy's growth program for scaleups and high-potential entrepreneurs.
OGR Turin is confirmed as the headquarters of the program that accelerates the startups of tomorrow's cities.
In OGR Turin the first Investor Day of NextEdu, the European acceleration program for Edutech startups.
Rebeca Romero è l’artista vincitrice della quinta edizione dell’OGR Award, premio di Artissima e Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT.
At OGR Turin the first solo exhibition in Italy dedicated to the American artist and filmmaker, Golden Lion at the 2019 Venice Biennale.


Fondazione CRT is active in the main national philanthropy networks.

International Profile

Fondazione CRT is a member of European and international philanthropy networks and works with organisations of global significance, including the United Nations and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, with the dual aim of strengthening local non-profit organisations by opening them up to Europe and the world, while attracting new talent and resources to the region. Networking, innovative methods, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development goals in line with the 2030 Agenda are the main focus of the projects in the international field.