Ready to Takeoff?

Aerospace simulators in virtual reality, artificial intelligence algorithms for engineering design, attitude and orbit control systems, and water propulsion systems for satellites. These are just some of the solutions selected for the third edition of Takeoff, the acceleration program for aerospace and advanced hardware startups by CDP Venture Capital’s National Accelerators Network. The program is promoted by UniCredit and Fondazione CRT through its impact investing operational arm Sviluppo e Crescita, along with Plug and Play Tech as co-investor and operational manager, and OGR OGR Torino as innovation and networking partner.

A total of 85 applications were received, and 8 projects made it to the program:

  • Alpha Impulsion  (Toulouse and Turin) a startup specializing in hybrid autophagic space propulsion technologies
  • Capsule Corporation (Milan) active in the field of water propulsion systems for satellites
  • Delta Space Leonis (Rome) connects IoT sensors worldwide using innovative satellites
  • Meta Futura Aerospace (Southampton and Turin) has designed a 2-thruster attitude and orbit control system that replaces the traditional 8-thruster mechanisms
  • Spaider (Padua) develops artificial intelligence algorithms for engineering design and simulation processes
  • SpaceVerse-AI (Turin) has created an aerospace simulator based on LLM and virtual reality technology
  • Space 11 (Rome) combines space technologies, drones, and robots to create Digital Twins for smart cities and Industry 4.0
  • P2M (Forlì) creates hardware and software dedicated to the management, storage, and tracking of technical information

The startups will receive investments of up to 150,000 euros and participate in the 5-month acceleration program at OGR Tech, the innovation hub of OGR Torino, supported by agencies such as ASI – Italian Space Agency, ESA – European Space Agency, Leonardo AVIO, and the Union of Industrialists.

After the initial phase, the most promising companies can access further investment of up to 800,000 euros.

In the previous two editions of Takeoff, the growth of 19 startups was supported with a total investment of over 3.5 million euros.