Elevator: 12 companies chosen to participate in growth program

Aindo, Aiko Space, Allelica, Aptus.ai, Bonus X, Cosmico, Kleecks, InSilicoTrials, Switcho, Tau Group, Underdogs Group, Volume. These are the 12 companies that have earned access to Elevator, the program created by Endeavor to support startups that are entering the scale-up phase and demonstrate the potential to occupy a prominent place in the local and international entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The sectors in which the startups operate range from AI, to payment, to BtoC services.

Companies will be mentored for six months by the team, mentors and partners of Endeavor, the organization present in 42 markets that brings together more than 2,000 of the best entrepreneurs on a global scale.

Developed with the support of Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT and OGR Torino, both entities of Fondazione CRT, and with the collaboration of EY, Growth Capital, K&L Gates Italia, MIDA, W Executive, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the program includes:


  • Comparison of entrepreneurs and mentors from the Endeavor network, selected on their needs
  • 4 highly specialized workshops given by partners and panel discussions with Endeavor experts and entrepreneurs
  • 1 workshop with an executive coach
  • 1 Investor Day with international investors
  • Opportunity to request a free consultation slot with partners WExecutive, K&L Gates and EY
  • Networking moments among entrepreneurs
  • 1 worshop with coaching company MIDA


Elevator’s ultimate goal is to provide companies with the tools they need to consolidate their existing position and accelerate growth. Through the program, entrepreneurs will be able to validate-and fruitfully challenge-their business model, work on critical thinking, capital raising methodology, and delve into HR topics. Participants will also be challenged to reflect on themselves, exploring topics such as leadership, team dynamics, and managing emotions and conflict, in order to master every aspect of the complex craft of entrepreneurship.

You can learn more about the program by visiting  this link.


Selected companies


Founded by Daniele Panfilo, Sebastiano Saccani and Borut Svara in 2018, Aindo is a startup born out of SISSA (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati) in Trieste, Italy. Aindo’s mission is to facilitate the adoption and development of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions through the creation of a new global standard for data access and sharing, based on synthetic data technology.




Founded by Lorenzo Feruglio in 2017, AIKO is a deep-tech company specializing in AI and automation for space applications. With a team of thirty-eight people, it provides complete automation of satellite operations. It is based in Turin, Italy, and France.




Founded by Giordano Bottà, George Busby and Paolo Di Domenico, Allelica is at the forefront of precision medicine through genomics, with a mission dedicated to reducing the mortality and burden of common, multifactorial diseases.Allelica’s commitment extends to supporting pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in developing better drugs that benefit millions of people worldwide




Founded by Andrea Tesei and Lorenzo De Mattei, Aptus.AI is the RegTech startup that leverages proprietary AI to transform compliance from a mere obligation to a generator of business opportunities. This is possible by augmenting human capabilities with more accurate Generative AI to support the understanding of legal texts.




Founded by Giovanni Pizza and Fabrizio Pinci, BonusX transforms the way people discover and access the social, tax, and financial benefits to which they are entitled. The platform allows people to discover, apply for, and eventually access a wide range of social, financial, and tax benfits quickly and intuitively.




Founded by Francesco Marino, Simone Tornabene, and Matteo Roversi in 2020, Cosmico modernizes remoting by connecting organizations and agencies with digital talent, improving conditions for freelance workers, and selecting the right professionals for companies.




Founded by Marco Bezzi, Marco Baricevic and Alex Giorgi, Kleecks is an innovative SaaS platform that optimizes performance marketing activities, improves the health and speed of websites in real time. Kleecks has a significant impact on businesses by increasing revenue, reducing costs, and accelerating time to market.rando il time-to-market.




Founded by Luca Emili and Roberta Bursi in 2017, together with a team of experts in life sciences, cybersecurity and digital innovation, InSilicoTrials aims to revolutionize the Healthcare industry through a digital simulation platform. Complex computational simulations are easily run through the InSilicoTrials platform to significantly accelerate drug development.




Founded in 2019 by Marco Tricarico, Redi Vyshka, and Francesco Laffi, Switcho is a digital service that helps people save money on expenses, particularly on household utilities, by offering the best deals on the market and simplifying the switching process while providing maximum transparency.




Founded by Francesco Taiariol, Filippo Veglia and Pietro Degasperi, Tau is an innovative supplier to the automotive industry. The company redefines global standards with insulating wires for electric motors that reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency, thus accelerating the transition to electrification.




Founded by Andrea Tommaso D’Aietti, Yari Muzzolon and Emanuele Barban, Underdogs is a technology and digital innovation Hub that operates through a group of software and consulting companies in marketing, advertising and tech, with the aim of supporting growth, innovation and digitization of companies.




Founded by Simone Martinelli and Chris Tarnawski, former executives at Mastercard and WorldRemit, Volume operates in the payments industry and is committed to eliminating hidden fees on the Internet for both consumers and merchants. Volume is the only payment method that allows consumers to pay less at checkout with one click, using their bank’s app, and merchants to eliminate payment intermediaries.