SEOC 2021: three alumnae Talenti Projects in the winning team

Giulia Mascadri, Elena Ferrero and Veronica Santoro are the three “Talenti per il Fundraising” (Talents for Fundraising) and “Talenti per l’impresa” (Talents for entrepreneurship) alumnae in the winning team of the Social Enterprise Open Camp 2021, the international training event that gathered more than 200 participants from all over the world in Venice last October, including 17 Talenti alumni of Fondazione CRT.

At stake was the chance to participate in the Sankalp Africa Summit 2022, an international benchmark event in the field of social entrepreneurship. Participants were challenged to develop new ideas for upgrading social enterprises by working on 6 real-life cases adopted by as many institutions from around the world. The common denominator of the realities involved was their concern for the planet and the development of products and services designed on the basis of the circular economy and the green economy.

The winning team – made up of three Talenti graduates Giulia Mascadri, Elena Ferrero and Veronica Santoro and 14 other members – developed a strategy for scaling up Ecodudu, a social enterprise based in Kenya that uses an insect – the black soldier fly – to produce protein-rich feed and natural fertiliser, while recycling organic waste. A model that meets the needs of the circular economy, waste management, protein demand and environmental protection.

SEOC 2021 offered us the opportunity to combine the interdisciplinary experience of the “Talenti per il Fundraising” and “Talenti per l’Impresa” alumni with the skills of the other members of the team, all of whom come from very heterogeneous professional backgrounds”, explains Giulia Mascadri, former TPF and spokesperson for the award-winning group”, a valuable opportunity to compare, inspire and enthuse about social entrepreneurship, in the belief that this experience will only be the beginning of a new path to explore”.

Talenti SEOC 2021

Adan Mohammed e Starlin Farah, Ecodudu