Ukraine. Fondazione CRT, interventions for childhood and culture

Childhood and culture are the two main directions of the interventions that the Fondazione CRT has carried out directly and through its associated agencies to create a truly synergistic ‘Group Action’ to address the dramatic humanitarian emergency in Ukraine.

Fondazione Ulaop-CRT Onlus for Childhood has launched an extraordinary fundraising campaign in support of Sermig to take in and purchase food and essential supplies for children fleeing the war with their families. To increase the aid, Fondazione Ulaop-CRT has doubled the donations to 20,000 euros.

All the proceeds from the national premiere of the opera performance “The Adventures of the Spark Brothers and the Treasure of Teotihuacan”, produced as part of the Fondazione CRT’s Diderot School Project, were also donated to Sermig.

On the international front, Fondazione CRT has also joined the Special Fund for Ukraine set up by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), a philanthropic institution founded in Geneva in 1954. The funds support cultural initiatives for Ukraine in three specific areas: the dissemination of independent and inclusive information, especially in digital media, to counter fake news and the filtering of propaganda; the provision of safe cultural spaces to host or provide refuge in Ukraine for artists, cultural workers and civil society activists who have been forced into exile; and the promotion of artistic and cultural expressions of “resistance” to build a peaceful future in the country and strengthen European solidarity. Organisations can apply for grants for these cultural projects by sending an email to

At the national level, Fondazione CRT participated in the Acri system intervention of 2 million euros to support a number of NGOs actively working for Ukrainian refugees.

Childhood and culture are two fundamental pillars to rebuild the only possible future for Ukraine and all the people of Europe, also through the support of philanthropy: a future of peace, freedom, solidarity, democracy, respect for human life and the rights of civil society”, says Fondazione CRT President Giovanni Quaglia and Secretary General Massimo Lapucci.