Talenti per la Comunità: women are the next generation of Italian leaders

The next generation of leaders in Italy is coloured in pink as the groundbreaking free national training course “Talenti per la Comunità: building new leadership” (Talents for the community), hosted by Fondazione CRT, has begun.

There are 40 participants, selected from almost 300 young graduates with high potential from all over Italy, and around 60% (23) are women. Over the next eight months, the future “Community Leaders” will receive a package of both technical and transversal knowledge and skills, the so-called “soft skills”, to plan, manage and promote the social, civil, economic and cultural growth processes of local territorial realities, from big cities to mountain areas.

The “great 40” talents for the community, with an average age of 30 (the youngest is 24), represent a very diverse geography, 30% of them coming from outside Piedmont. They have had a very diverse university education: from Politics (the most common) to Social Sciences and Economics, from Law to Architecture and Engineering. 30 of them have a Master’s degree, 10 have a Bachelor’s degree, obtained at universities all over Italy.

It is a cosmopolitan generation, made up of young people who speak several languages fluently, have travelled and gained experience abroad. They are active protagonists in the world of associations and volunteering and are strongly committed to building networks through initiatives of territorial promotion and animation, civic education, integration and cooperation.

Talenti per la Comunità is a bet that is more current than ever to revitalise the middle instances of society through training, merit and skills”, says Fondazione CRT President Giovanni Quaglia. “We want to contribute to the emergence of a new responsible leadership that prioritises the common good, in a period marked by widespread dissatisfaction with the management of public affairs”.

Together with an excellent partner like the ‘Vivere nella Comunità’ School of Politics, we are responding to a training need that is necessary for a truly sustainable change in social, environmental and good governance terms”, says Massimo Lapucci, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT. “The great challenges of our time, such as conflict management, the climate and health emergency, the metamorphosis of urban centres and the digital transformation, require a new generation of courageous, well-prepared and aware leaders capable of networking and revitalising territories from a national perspective, starting from the anchoring of Pnrr’s projects and resources.”


The multidisciplinary course “Talenti per la Comunità” is a mix of mainly face-to-face teaching, workshops, in-depth case studies and field activities. The lecturers are top-class: from economic historian Giulio Sapelli to philosopher Roberto Esposito, from entrepreneur Marco Giovannini to Censis president Giuseppe De Rita, from urban planners Federica Verona, Anna Prat and Alessandro Balducci to data scientist Ciro Cattuto. And more: economists Massimo Ferlini, Enzo Rullani, Cristina Tajani, Lucrezia Songini, Enzo Peruffo and Bernardo Bertoldi, sociologists Ester Cois and Filippo Barbera, lawyer and professor of commercial law Maurizio Irrera, CEO of Saipem Francesco Caio and CEO of MilanoSesto Giuseppe Bonomi, the General Secretary of the Mirafiori Foundation Elena Carli, the General Director of Ream Oronzo Perrini, the President of the Fondazione con il Sud Carlo Borgomeo, the Project Manager of the THUB06 children’s project Barbara Posa and the founder of Avventura Urbana Iolanda Romano, to name just a few of the lecturers who will be giving classes before the summer break.

The training workshop will promote the action of young talents in the territories by combining personal engagement with a coomunities phenomena, focusing on certain key elements: conflict mediation tools, Big Data as a social good for project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, innovative development finance (investment funds, private equity, business angels and family offices), the green and digital transformation of manufacturing, the cultural and tourism industries, the 5G revolution, digital and industrial humanism.

The “Talenti per la Comunità” course is run by Fondazione CRT with the academic contribution of the School of Politics “Vivere nella Comunità” by professors Sabino Cassese, Pellegrino Capaldo, Marcello Presicci and Paolo Boccardelli. Other partners of the project are the “Aaster Consortium” of sociologist Aldo Bonomi for the conception and scientific direction, the “Cottino Social Impact Campus” for the applied supervision and implementation of the activities, and the social consortium “Il filo da tessere” for the coordination and support of the activities.