Not&Sipari Project: 176 music, theater and dance productions

Grants of 1.5 million to live performances “fit for” UN Agenda 2030

176 music, theater and dance productions “tailored to the UN’s Agenda 2030” will go on stage with the support of Fondazione CRT, which has awarded 1.5 million euros to the winners of  Not&Sipari call for proposals, dedicated to cultural reviews and live performances.

Benefiting from the resources are nonprofit associations, local authorities and higher education institutions, which bring “on stage” reviews of national scope alongside events of local relevance.

From more than 220 applications received, the selected projects are in line with the United Nations goals for sustainable development. This year, in fact, Not&Sipari call for proposals promoted and included among the evaluation criteria four new “goals”: environmental impact, gender equality, enhancement of cultural diversity, and youth empowerment in professional circuits.

Fondazione CRT brings to the stage a long summer of events. We really need to restart from beauty, from culture, from moments of meeting and sharing to finally rediscover and rebuild the ‘social we’: this is especially important for the youngest, Generation Z, put to the test by the two years of pandemic that have cancelled or minimized all relationships,” says Fondazione CRT President Giovanni Quaglia.

Supporting live entertainment means investing in a strategic sector for the country’s growth and development, because it also generates GDP and employment. This purpose is at the heart of Fondazione CRT’s Not&Sipari, which supports cultural institutions along the dual track of resource provision and design innovation for social, environmental and economic impact,” says Fondazione CRT Secretary General Massimo Lapucci.

With Not&Sipari Fondazione CRT has so far supported more than 4,300 live performances, with total contributions of 44 million euros.

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