Lagrange-Fondazione CRT project

The ten applied research grants awarded to 10 recent graduates, both Italian and international, within the 2024 Lagrange-Fondazione CRT project are now starting.

Robert Benassai Dalmau, Ivan Decostanzi, Salvatore Freni, Silvia Guerrini, Kathleen Nicole Kelley, Francisco Malveiro, Valeria Marras, Federico Moss, Samuele Vallisa, and Elisa Viola are the 10 talents in data science and artificial intelligence who will undertake a 12-month interdisciplinary internship at the ISI Foundation laboratories at OGR Tech, Turin’s innovation hub. They will interact with international agencies (UNICEF, WFP, etc.) and work alongside top-tier data scientists.

Their research will focus on topics such as data science and artificial intelligence for public health and epidemiology; computational forecasting of epidemics and pandemics using non-traditional data sources; network science for urban mobility and the future of cities; machine learning and data analysis for humanitarian response, the study of socioeconomic inequalities, and sustainable development.

The Lagrange-Fondazione CRT project is an initiative conceived, promoted, and funded by Fondazione CRT, with scientific coordination by ISI Foundation, a global leader in the study of Complex Systems and Data, chaired by Professor Alessandro Vespignani. This valuable opportunity is aimed both at recent graduates aspiring to an academic future and those interested in careers in business and non-profit sectors.

Since 2003, it has supported over 800 young researchers to date, with a total investment exceeding 44 million euros, marking the largest investment in a scientific project under the guidance of Fondazione CRT.

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