Green Alley Award: Agree and Atelier Riforma on the podium

Double podium for “Talenti per l’Impresa” (Talents for Entrepreneurship), the Fondazione CRT’s project that, thanks to the Agree and Atelier Riforma teams, has just won two of the six finalist places in the Green Alley Award, the international competition for the best ideas in the circular economy.

Agree and Atelier Riforma’s proposals, one dedicated to fighting food waste and the other to reducing textile waste, stood out among the 20 projects that reached the semi-finals from all over Europe, confirming that they are the first Italian business ideas to make it to the final round since the award was launched in 2014.

This recognition underlines the potential that our region has in the circular economy and shows the importance of investing in quality training. Both projects started their journey as part of “Talenti per l’Impresa”: Agree’s idea is to fight food waste with Ally, a plant-based preservative that can keep fruit and vegetables fresh even three times longer than average. “Agree started last year as part of the Talenti per l’Impresa”, explains Gustavo Gonzalez, project founder and team member along with Irene Masante, Arianna Sica and newcomer Stefano Ferioli. “Agree is only at the beginning of its journey, but it has already generated a lot of interest among citizens and professionals: a confirmation that helps us to pursue this direction with more and more energy”.

Atelier Riforma is an innovative startup with a social vocation, founded by “Talenti per l”Impresa” graduates Elena Ferrero and Sara Secondo to reduce the production of textile waste in the fashion industry. Through Re4Circular technology, Atelier Riforma automates the selection and sorting of discarded clothing towards sustainable goals such as reuse and recycling. “It never ceases to amaze us how our project is almost more appreciated abroad than in Italy”, say Elena and Sara, “we have been working on Atelier Riforma for three years and the fact that we can present it to an international audience of professionals fills us with enthusiasm and pride. The final of the Green Alley Award will not only be an opportunity to compete for the prize, but also to meet and confront ourselves with exceptional startups, from which new collaborations may emerge”.

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