Talents for Entrepreneurship

“Talenti per l’Impresa” (Talents for Entrepreneurship) is the project of Fondazione CRT that enables graduates of all disciplines to train in innovative companies.

In the five editions since 2011, 440 young people have been trained. The project aims to develop an entrepreneurial culture, improve transversal skills and promote interaction between people from different backgrounds.

The aim is to create fertile ground for the emergence of new businesses that add value to the territory. It is also a personal development course for all participants.

It is aimed to candidates who have promising but still “embryonic” innovative business ideas and are at a stage before business incubation and acceleration (it is not aimed at start-ups that have already been founded); or for those who do not yet have an idea but have a flair for entrepreneurship and are willing to lend their skills to a team during the course to create new businesses.

“Talenti per l’Impresa” is a project entirely created, financed and managed by Fondazione CRT. There are no registration fees: Fondazione CRT bears all organisational costs.

Project activities take place on Saturdays and, during the week, in the early evening to facilitate attendance by those who work.

Human capital is a fundamental asset for development: this is why the Fondazione CRT invests in the training of young talents who can contribute to the growth of the territory and the competitiveness of the country through new start-ups and businesses,” emphasises Giovanni Quaglia, President of Fondazione CRT.

Talenti per l’Impresa by Fondazione CRT especially nourishes the ecosystem of innovation that is developing around OGR Tech – says Massimo Lapucci, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT – We provide the new generations with the skills and tools to face the challenges of the contemporary world more consciously and with an entrepreneurial mindset”.

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