Restauri – Cantieri Diffusi Call for proposals

Restauri – Cantieri Diffusi” (Restorations – Widespread Construction Sites) is the Fondazione CRT’s call for proposals to promote the historical, artistic and architectural heritage of Piedmont and Aosta Valley, especially activities on artistic heritage in smaller towns.

In 2022, for the first time, the project will also support interventions to restore historic parks and gardens.

The aim of this project is to save protected immovable and movable assets – bell towers, facades, pavements, canvases, statues, books, wooden furniture – and to promote the knowledge and use of these places by an increasingly wider public.

The call promotes projects that can be implemented within a year and that have already been authorised by the competent authorities.

Restauri Cantieri Diffusi is enriched with a second new feature: the spin-off “Cantieri aperti” (Open Construction Sites) dedicated to enhancing the value of restoration interventions. Fondazione CRT will grant an additional allocation equal to 20 percent of the contribution requested in the application phase (thus up to 8,000 euros) for enhancement and communication actions that promote knowledge, enjoyment of the assets and community participation during the restoration worksite.

In line with the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, the call includes among the evaluation criteria elements of innovation in restoration methodologies, especially in terms of environmental sustainability.

To date, through the “Restauri Cantieri Diffusi” call for proposals, the Fondazione CRT has brought back to life more than 2,900 properties, with a total budget of over 47 million euros since 2004.

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