Vivomeglio Call of proposals

“Vivomeglio” (Living Better) is Fondazione CRT’s project dedicated to the development, qualification and innovation of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life and well-being of the person with disabilities as a person who cooperates, participates and chooses his/her own existential project.

The project supports non-profit organisations and associations that propose new, effective and sustainable solutions to promote social inclusion, develop the autonomy and skills of women, men, children and young people in difficulty and provide their families with support tailored to the new “Covid world”.

The projects presented may concern areas of intervention that are in line with the goals of the first Italian Agenda for People with Disabilities (social housing, supporting families, living in the territory, working and growing, learning in and out of school, caring and healing): an operational plan that Fondazione CRT  “wrote” together with associations and civil society.

Since 2005, Fondazione CRT has awarded more than 25 million euros to institutions and associations for a total of more than 2,300 interventions within the framework of “Vivomeglio”.

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