Lagrange Project

The Lagrange-Fondazione CRT Project is conceived, promoted and financed by Fondazione CRT, with the scientific coordination of ISI Foundation, and actively supports qualified research projects and initiatives of excellence in accumulating scientific and technological knowledge.

The project also strengthens the bridge between academic research and the business system, enhancing the dynamics of innovation in Piedmont and Aosta Valley and keeping pace with the advancement of studies in complex systems.

Since 2011, more than 800 young researchers have been supported with doctoral and applied research grants for a total investment of more than 44 million euros by Fondazione CRT.


The Lagrange Prize – Fondazione CRT is the most important international award for the study of complex systems established by Fondazione CRT and coordinated by ISI – Foundation.

The Lagrange Prize, an emblematic element of the Lagrange Project of the Fondazione CRT, has been awarded since 2008 to internationally renowned scientists that stand out for their innovative contribution in applying the principles of complexity science and data science at the highest level.

Over the years, the Prize has sought to establish a rule to encourage young researchers by setting an age limit (50 years) for the prize winner. The following have succeeded in receiving it

  • 2008, I EDITION: Yakov Grigorievich Sinai (Mathematician, Russia), William Brian Arthur (Economist, UK)
  • 2009, II EDITION: Giorgio Parisi (Physicist, Italy)
  • 2010, III EDITION: James J. Collins (Bioengineer, USA)
  • 2011, IV EDITION: Albert László Barabási (Physicist, Hungary/USA)
  • 2012, V EDITION: Lada Adamic (Social Network Researcher, USA), Xavier Gabaix (Economist, France)
  • 2013, EDITION VI: Duncan J. Watts (Sociologist and Social Network Researcher, Australia)
  • 2014, VII EDITION: Mark Newman (Physicist, UK)
  • 2015, VIII EDITION: Panos Ipeirotis (Computer Scientist, Greece), Jure Leskovec (Computer Scientist, Slovenia)
  • 2016, IX EDITION: John Brownstein (Epidemiologist, Canada)
  • 2017, X EDITION: Danielle S. Bassett (Bioengineer, USA)
  • 2018, XI EDITION: César Hidalgo (Physicist, Chile)
  • 2019, XII EDITION: David Gruber (Biologist, USA), Iain Couzin (Biologist, Germany)
  • 2020, XIII EDITION: ISI Foundation researchers engaged in the fight against Covid-19.

The Data Science for Social Good Center

The “Data Science for Social Good Center” is a research centre that uses Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to better identify the needs, to guide interventions and assess the impact of decisions and policies.

The Centre is based in the OGR Torino innovation technology hub. The mission is to generate public value from data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence through innovative actions that aim to have an impact on the entire ecosystem, with local, European and global perspectives, and a particular focus on driving and supporting the digital transformation of the non-profit sector.

Check out the website to discover the activities of the Centre.

Project Manager

Luigi Somenzari


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