Città e Cattedrali Plan

Città e Cattedrali (Cities and Cathedrals) is a major plan for the enhancement of the ecclesiastical cultural heritage in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, conceived by Fondazione CRT and the Dioceses of the two regions in collaboration with the Piedmont Region and the peripheral bodies of MIBACT (Ministry of Culture).

It was created in 2005 with the aim of promoting a cultural network between the eighteen cathedrals in the area for which the Foundation is traditionally responsible (17 cathedrals in Piedmont and 1 cathedral in the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley) by first restoring and then enhancing their historical and artistic heritage.


  • 11 years of work (2005-2016);
  • 18 Dioceses and 2 Regions (Piedmont and Aosta Valley) involved;
  • 15 sites on cathedrals;
  • 4 sites on diocesan museums;
  • more than 500 places of history and sacred art online on the platform
  • a total economic investment of more than 21 million euros (of which 7 from Fondazione CRT).
  • 14 totems in the Cathedrals and 3 screens in the Diocesan Museums, 1 Audio Guide App for the 17 cathedrals in 3 languages, 1 geo-referenced APP with iBeacon in the Cathedrals.
  • Automatic opening via smartphones for 28 properties: an innovative technological method, unique in Europe, supported Fondazione CRT and coordinated by the Regional Council for Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage to increase the possibilities of access to the testimonies of sacred art in the territory.


The “Chiese a porte aperte” (Churches at Open Doors) app is an innovative technological modality, unique in Europe and developed as part of the major Cities and Cathedrals project, which allows the public to access and visit, free of charge and in total autonomy, numerous sacred art jewels in the territory.

The initiative is made possible thanks to the financial commitment of Fondazione CRT, with co-financing from the Regional Council for Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta and the participation of the entities that own the properties, under the high supervision of the Superintendence of Archaeology Fine Arts and Landscape.


The automated opening and narration system, which has so far covered 28 artistic “jewels” organized into 6 itineraries in Piedmont and Aosta Valley, has met with growing public interest.

The properties were selected on the basis of specific criteria: the absence of movable goods inside and a historical portal at the entrance, the presence of elements of architectural or pictorial interest in the chapel, the proximity to important sites, the location in a broader system of “wellness” and responsible tourism (via Francigena, food and wine and tourist routes), and the active participation by the community (with co-financing of about 30 percent).

After downloading the application “Chiese a porte aperte” on your smartphone, both for Ios and Android, you need to register and book the free visit. The visitor, arriving in front of the property at the selected visiting time, will frame the QR code and the door will automatically open. Inside, a multimedia mechanism will start a historical-artistic-devotional narration of the cultural asset, in Italian, English and French.

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Project Managers

Patrizia Di Blasi, Stefania Serre


Città e Cattedrali website

App Chiese a porte Aperte website

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