47 artistic treasures ready to be restored

There are 47 artistic treasures ready to be reborn thanks to the contribution of Fondazione CRT under the “Restauri Cantieri Diffusi” grant. These include historical and artistic assets such as paintings, statues, wooden furnishings, ancient books, and musical instruments, as well as churches and historic homes under protection.

The “construction sites,” supported by a grant of 900,000 euros, will extensively cover the Piedmontese and Valle d’Aosta territories: from the restoration of Luca Rossetti’s frescoes in the Confraternity of Santa Croce in Ivrea to the refurbishment of the 19th-century staircase at Palazzo Ottolenghi in Asti; from the restoration work on the Cloister of Sant’Orso in Aosta to the recovery of the Balbiani organ (1929) at the Parish of San Pietro in Cattedrale in Alessandria; from the extraordinary maintenance of the Romanesque church of San Pietro al Cimitero in Brusasco to the recovery of paintings and statues in the Chapel of Madonna del Rosario in Ghiffa in Verbano, and from the restoration of the former 17th-century chapel of Santa Chiara in Savigliano to the restoration of stuccoes and paintings at the Oratorio of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Netro in Biella.

Thus, the number of revitalized assets rises to over 3,200 since 2004, thanks to Fondazione CRT, which has allocated a total of over 53 million euros through the Restauri Cantieri Diffusi grant.

The second session of the Restauri Cantieri Diffusi grant will be available from September 2 to September 30.