Record-breaking OGR Tech

Over 200 million euros attracted for investments, 200 startups supported, and 150 events held for our business community

In just three years, OGR Torino have surpassed the objectives they had set forth at the inauguration of OGR Tech, their hub dedicated to innovation and business acceleration.

Now acknowledged by both Italian and foreign investors as a major player in the Italian technological ecosystem, OGR Tech has reached two important goals: 200 million euros in investments attracted with its financial partners, and over 120 startups supported over the past 12 months.

Approximately 60% of the organizations that have found in OGR the ideal context to grow and develop their business come from Italy and the local territory – but this does not mean their perspectives are limited in any way to the national territory. Furthermore, in the past year OGR Tech has held over 150 events and networking opportunities for its business community, designed to establish new relationships as a crucial element for growth.

In 2019, we inaugurated the OGR Tech hub with the goal of helping Italy fill its substantial innovation gap. It was an ambitious challenge, and this makes us even more proud to announce that in about three years – including years of emergency, triggered by the pandemic – we have supported over 200 startups, including some of the best in Italy and in Europe, and have attracted with our financial partners 200 million euros to help young companies,” states Massimo Lapucci, CEO of OGR Torino and Secretary General of Fondazione CRT, who spoke today at the Italian Tech Week, the country’s leading event dedicated to technology, which OGR welcomed for the third year running. “This trend allows us to not only confirm our initial goals, but to accelerate the process leading to their achievement: today, we are confident we will cross in 10 years the finish line we had initially imagined would stand about 20 years away. This result was made possible by the incredible team at OGR and by the indispensable collaboration of partners of international standing, with whom we have built a real innovation network founded on synergies and skill exchanges.”

Today, OGR Tech is home to 14 active programs for innovation and acceleration that support companies in cutting-edge industries such as aerospace and advanced hardware, smart cities, edutech, gaming, life sciences, metaverse and fintech.

Focused on technological verticals including big data, artificial intelligence and the blockchain, OGR Tech is one of Italy’s biggest innovation hubs, with a network of over 70 partners and a strong international business community.