From India to China, students are ready to leave with Intercultura

Hungary, India, Colombia, Costa Rica, Poland, Germany, Brazil, China, Honduras, Argentina, Thailand and the Dominican Republic: these are the destinations where the 15 young people from Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, who won the scholarships supported by Fondazione CRT to take part in the Fondazione Intercultura programmes, will fly to.

Seven students are from the Turin area: Eleonora, from the Istituto Scolastico Martinetti di Caluso, will follow a one-year programme in Poland; Alice, from the Istituto Scolastico Umberto I di Torino, will spend six months in Germany; Paolo, also from the Istituto Scolastico Umberto I, will leave for Brazil for three months; Marco, from the Istituto Scolastico Peano di Torino, will spend a year in China; then there is Riccardo, Istituto Scolastico Majorana di Grugliasco, who will spend a year in Honduras; Mirko, Istituto Scolastico Santorre Di Santarosa di Torino, who will fly to Argentina for a year; and Chiara, Istituto Scolastico Amaldi – Sraffa di Orbassano, who will spend six months in Thailand.

Caterina from Alessandria, Amaldi School Institute in Novi Ligure, will spend a year in Hungary.

From Valle d’Aosta, from the Edouard Berard School Institute in Aosta, Viola and Ilaria, will fly to India and Brazil for a year.

The girls from Biella, Ginevra and Camilla, from the Avogadro School Institute, will go to Argentina for six months and to Colombia for a year.

Vittoria Maria from Cuneo, Bodoni School in Saluzzo, will spend a year in Thailand.

Dahami Nathaliya, from Novara, who attends the Mossotti School Institute, will spend a year in Costa Rica.

From Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Kochanan, from the Spezia School Institute in Domodossola, will leave for the Dominican Republic for a year.

Since 2007, Fondazione CRT has been supporting Fondazione Intercultura with an investment of more than 2 million euros, for more than 400 scholarships.