Culture of Solidarity Fund: the 14 winning projects

Public green spaces, co-housing, mountain communities, widespread cultural centers, and environmental education: these are among the topics at the center of the 14 winning projects of the “Just Transition” call by the Culture of Solidarity Fund, a project promoted by the European Cultural Foundation to support creative cultural initiatives focused on Northern Italy.

Defining the geographical area has encouraged the creation of a regional spin-off of the call, born from the collaboration of four foundations active in Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria, and Valle d’Aosta: Fondazione CRT, Fondazione CRC, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, and Fondazione Cariplo. The goal? To invest in local projects that promote ecological transition while ensuring no one is left behind, paying attention to both environmental and social sustainability.

A total of 107 projects were submitted, with the opportunity to define the project through European partnerships, thanks to the matchmaking network developed by ECF and the involved foundations.

The winning projects

A total funding of 320,000 euros will be allocated to the 14 winning projects, 6 of which are focused on Piedmont. Here they are:

  • Reciprocity by APS Print Club Torino
    Focusing on the specific cases of Turin and Malaga—cities at the base of the partnership network—the project concentrates on the care of public green spaces, co-housing and community practices, gentrification, and sustainable tourism. These themes are addressed through a symposium, a series of creative workshops, and artistic interventions central to the proposed project.
  • Common Grounds by Banda Larga APS, Turin
    The project aims to personally involve those working in cultural centers in Turin in addressing issues related to ecological management. It encourages reflection on the problems of their respective centers, providing concrete tools for their resolution. The network and results will also be available on an online platform developed in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Turin.
  • Green Days 2024 by Ratatoj APS, Saluzzo
    The 2024 edition of Green Days includes a series of events spread throughout the valleys around Saluzzo and two main events at the Cinema and Theater Magda Olivero, the headquarters of the promoting entity Ratatoj. The theater will host a temporary multisensory gallery with international works focused on sustainability.
  • STAY COOL by Stranaidea, Turin
    Through performing arts, workshops, and theatrical performances, the project aims to create new opportunities for information, debate, and discussion on mountain exploration in times of climate change, involving those who live in or frequent the mountains.
  • Blooming Artists by Associazione Dragolago, Bolzano Novarese
    Exchanging international best practices for children’s literary production contests and youth performances, promoting participation and environmental education: at the center is “Scrittori in Erba,” a literary contest involving schools in Italy, Bulgaria, and Germany to promote creativity and environmental sustainability.
  • ROOTS // ROUTES by Terre di Mongioa, Mombasiglio
    The cultivation and culture of the chestnut as a key element in the transition processes in the cultural and environmental ecosystems of Southern Piedmont: the multidisciplinary project aims to encourage networking among artists, new farmers, institutions, and consumers through artist residencies, site-specific events, and a digital WebMap to enhance knowledge related to chestnuts.
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