Collegio Einaudi

Fondazione CRT allocates 100,000 euros to Collegio Einaudi, increasing its commitment by 50,000 euros: 20,000 euros more for scholarships and 30,000 euros for the expansion of the Valentino residence. The section, which hosted Umberto Eco, is adjacent to the largest park in the city of Turin and is the closest to the Valentino Castle, home to the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University.

With five residences in the heart of Turin and close to universities, Collegio Einaudi offers living spaces and training paths to over 850 students from all over Italy and the world. The study experience is enriched by a comfortable and stimulating environment: in addition to accommodation, each student will have access to common spaces such as study rooms, a music room, and a gym. Beyond the university academic experience, they will benefit from additional training for personal and professional growth.

The Call for Free Accomodation Benefits supported by Fondazione CRT is open until July 15, 2024. The call is aimed at meritorious students in financial difficulty enrolled in any course of study in the academic year 2024/25, whether bachelor’s, master’s or single-cycle degree. More information on the admission process is available on the Collegio Einaudi website.


Fondazione CRT has supported Collegio Einaudi since its establishment: over the years, it has implemented interventions for the redevelopment of the premises, furnishings, the purchase of equipment, the enhancement of Wi-Fi networks, and the refurbishment and reopening of the Collegio Einaudi Po Section Library as the main supporter. Fondazione CRT has also supported young people, in line with its longstanding focus on the new generations and their growth and fulfillment opportunities.