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Fondazione CRT and OGR Torino with Microsoft present the second edition of the European data-driven accelerator program for social and environmental impact enterprises. The program will take place at OGR Torino, within the OGR Tech network and hub for innovation and applied research.

OGR Torino are promoting this initiative as part of the NODES Project – Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU – and Spoke 2 activities, in which OGR are partners.

In 2022, thanks to specific training, mentorship by domain experts, opportunities for national and international visibility and access to exclusive datasets, the selected companies were able to develop innovative solutions focused on generating positive and measurable impact.

Fundamental in this regard was the contribution of the Data Club – a group of companies and organizations, public and private entities – to which, in addition to TIM, Banca Sella, Snam Foundation and the City of Turin, The Data Appeal Company, BioEnerys and Wind Tre will be added for the 2023 edition.

During the six-month program, Impact Deal works so that projects focused on the application of data science, the growth of entrepreneurial activities with social and environmental purposes in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations (SDGs) can be accelerated.

By facilitating the bringing together of corporations, traditional investors and impact businesses, mentors and data science experts, the program fosters initiatives that combine economic, social and environmental sustainability, enabling the development of specialized professionals through a skills transfer focused on accessing and using data for long-term impact.

The first edition of the program, thanks to the project conceived and developed in collaboration with TOP-IX, ISI Foundation, Ashoka, Impact Hub and The Data Appeal Company (which will contribute directly to the Data Club this year), received 40 applications from impact enterprises from 8 countries and operating in different sectors: Smart Environment, Smart Cities, IoT, Logistic/Supply Chain, Digital Consciousness, Human Resources Services, Open Innovation, AI, Cultural Heritage, Food, Health, Medical Care, Agriculture, Augmented Mobility, Vehicles and Energy solutions.


The call to participate in the 2023 edition of Impact Deal closed on May 2, 2023.

From more than 100 applications received from all over Europe-doubling the numbers of the previous edition-15 companies were selected, including six from Italy: Bin-e, (Poland), Daedalus AI (Italy), Gocleer (Spain), Kreios Space (Spain), Mentessa (Germany), Opt/Net (Netherlands), Paperbox Health (Italy), Planet Watch (France), Relearn (Italy), The Predictive Company (Spain), Untap (UK), Valuebin (Italy), Virtuleap (Portugal), Volvero (Italy), Xnext (Italy).

Participating companies are active in Smart Waste, CO2 reduction, Sustainable Mobility, Aerospace, Learning Platform, Predictive Maintenance, Mental Disorders, Air Quality, Food Inspection, Energy Optimization, Water Surveillance, Sustainable Shopping, Brain Improvement, Sharing Vehicles.


The accelerator program for initiatives capable of combining economic, social and environmental sustainability has two phases.

The first phase, lasting about two months, involved the 15 startups in a path aimed at providing specific skills in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, entrepreneurship.

Through the application of Data Science, the growth of entrepreneurial activities with social and environmental purposes was stimulated, while also encouraging the evolution of more traditional ones through the integration of existing models and new business plans.

On July 7, after a 4-day bootcamp, it was time for the Data Pitch for the 15 selected impact enterprises.

During the bootcamp, participants had the opportunity to gather valuable suggestions, advice and explore potential collaborations. They also took part in two different workshops.

The culmination of this experience was the Data Pitch, in which the companies presented their proposals in front of Impact Deal partners and especially members of the Data Club. The ultimate goal was to secure the opportunity to enter the second phase of the program and then further collaborate with the Data Club.


The second phase, lasting approximately 3 months, trains enterprises on business acceleration through the development of real data-enabled projects and solutions through mentorship and strategic partnerships.

Let’s find out together the companies selected to participate in the second phase of the program:

  • Bin-e (Poland), “the world’s first smart bin based on artificial intelligence.”
  • Dedalo AI (Italy), “helps companies measure and reduce the CO2 impact of their software.”
  • Volvero (Italy), “toward more sustainable and efficient mobility.”
  • Opt/Net (Netherlands), “AI platform enabling end-to-end monitoring, analysis and failure prevention of complex critical networks in real time.”
  • ReLearn (Italy), “makes waste-free living accessible to all.”
  • Xnext (Italy), “develops the most advanced real-time inspection system.”
  • Untap (UK), “provides a pathogen monitoring service to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases within communities.”
  • Valuebin (Italy), “builds next-generation sustainability algorithm, empowering users to make more sustainable choices during their purchases.”

The track includes a Demo Day, where accelerated companies will present themselves to an audience of potential investors with a particular vocation for impact investing.

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