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The Fondazione CRT launched a call for proposals to support resilient creative initiatives in the Covid era, which was part of the Culture of Solidarity Fund call of the ECF-European Cultural Foundation.

The call awarded 4 projects from non-profit organisations that are able to turn the crisis into an opportunity to strengthen the spirit of solidarity and cooperation between European citizens and countries through culture. A large archive halfway between an encyclopaedia and a video game, revolutionising accessibility and cultural fruition; a web series combining electronic music, science and sport; an interactive map of street art; a network of European cultural walks.

Who are the winners?

Hypercritic: an online platform developed by the Rampart Association and curated by young authors that connects cultural and artistic worlds in a shared digital space. Each object catalogued in the Hypercritic archive becomes a record and is given a series of switches that describe the type of experience it creates. At the heart of each record is the Hypergraph, a visual representation of its anatomy.

Talking Futur: a web series promoted by the Associazione Culturale Suoni e Colori, in which each episode features an electronic music artist and a personality from culture, science or sport. The episodes are broadcast on the media channels of the Kappa FuturFestival. The aim of the project is to connect members of the scientific and cultural community with young people and to demonstrate the cultural vibrancy of club- culture.

AaaRea: a project promoted by the Federazione Nazionale Arti in Strada – FNAS – for a single community of international operators in the sector capable of bringing together the various existing platforms. It is based on the creation of an interactive map of national and international professionals, initiatives, festivals, companies and artists.

CareStories: the project promoted by the Social Community Theatre Centre in Italy, Poland and Greece creates a network of “cultural walks” (CareStories Walks) to overcome the isolation caused by the pandemic. Based on the experiences of Social and Community Theatre, a common map was created with information and stories from a mountain territory in Italy, an island territory in Greece and a Baltic Sea territory in Poland. The map will be available both online and in paper format.

Project Manager

Stefania Coni


European Cultural Foundation website

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