Civil Society Talents

The call for proposals “Talenti della Società civile” (Civil Society Talents) awards research grants to graduates and students from universities in Piedmont and Aosta Valley who develop innovative entrepreneurial and research projects, mainly in non-profit organisations or companies in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta.

Therefore, it encourages students’ inventiveness and entrepreneurial skills, and sets in motion a process of cross-fertilisation between the world of research and its applications, starting with local institutions. The call for proposals also triggers a process of excellence in the sciences through the precious capital of graduates, and promotes their “recruitment” in non-academic work areas.

Since 2009, the call has awarded 665 research grants, in which Fondazione CRT has invested more than 14 million euros. Most of these research projects stand out for their operational character and the use of applied research, making a real contribution to civil society.

There are two types of grants: standard research grants for the development of the territory which last 12 months, each worth 18,000 euros gross (of which at least 3,000 euros in co-financing) for projects covering all subject areas (scientific-technological, humanistic-social and health); grants to promote student entrepreneurship, aimed at teams of university students with different and complementary skills to develop a business idea. This type of grant lasts 6 months and is worth €4,000 gross, and the ideas can be submitted in teams.

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