Budget approved unanimously

Operating surplus of 89.2 million euro (+61.2% compared to 2020), net assets of over 2.3 billion, solid net financial position of 328 million, stabilisation fund for disbursements increased to 158.3 million.

The Steering Committee of Fondazione CRT, led by President Giovanni Quaglia, unanimously approved the 2021 budget, one of the best in the last five years. In 2021, the year of its thirtieth anniversary,  Fondazione CRT has allocated a total of over 62 million euros to the territory.

These are distributed among the traditional forms of intervention for research, human capital training, innovation, art and culture, environment, welfare, health, civil protection and the ambulance service (118), as well as additional “social impact investments” or “mission-related investments” aimed at the development of the country.

This excellent balance sheet of Fondazione CRT, which is increasingly focused on long-term economic-financial sustainability, is the prerequisite for us to continue supporting the country’s growth and development, dealing with the major challenges it will face in the coming months: a responsibility that the Fondazione CRT also exercises through its operational arms in a Group logic”, quote Fondazione CRT’s President Giovanni Quaglia and Secretary General Massimo Lapucci.