Welfare and Environment

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This sector includes projects and activities to support volunteer work for the weakest social groups, public health, civil protection, environmental
protection and the development of the reference regions.

In the area of social inclusion and accessibility, VivoMeglio supports actions aimed at improving the quality of life of the disabled.

Projects and activities to support the weakest social groups, public health, civil protection, environmental protection and the development.

The effort in the health emergency sector is expressed by project Missione Soccorso. Through a call for proposals process, it gives first aid ambulances to emergency associations which work with the regional 118 (the emergency medical service).

Fondazione CRT supports the Civil Protection department and environmental protection with the Safety Vehicle project, which gives resources to purchase suitable vehicles for the thorough monitoring of the territory. Protezione Civile per i piccoli comuni promotes the improvement of the organization and equipment of Civil Protection units in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

Over the years, ad hoc non-profit bodies devoted to specific problems have been created and operated. Associazione Ulaop Onlus organises activities
to help pre-school children in the City of Turin by providing a wide range of activities in the social, welfare, educational, teaching, cultural and recreational areas, offered directly to children and their families.

Fondazione Anti Usura CRT – La Scialuppa Onlus has been active since 1988 in the prevention of usury, gradually, widening its area of intervention
from the city of Turin to all the provinces in Piedmont and the Aosta Valley. La Scialuppa can act as a guarantor with the banks it has an arrangement with, so that these can offer loans at preferential interest rates.

Associazione Donare per Crescere Insieme – CRT Onlus promotes the mechanisms of fundraising among private individuals, encouraging their direct involvement. In particular, it supports projects for the development of social solidarity.