Research and Education

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This sector includes funding and projects devoted to education, training, scientific and technological research.  

The main help given to the best young people from Piedmont and the Aosta Valley comes from the different components of project Master dei Talenti. The call for proposals Master dei Talenti Neolaureati offers real work opportunities and internships in all five continents to the best graduates from the two regions; the call for proposals Master dei Talenti Neodiplomati offers three-month internships all over the world to to students from secondary schools.

Funding and projects devoted to education, training, scientific and technological research.  

The best students with a Conservatory diploma obtain specialization scholarships through Master dei Talenti Musicali, which over the years has also allowed the creation of the orchestra which goes by the same name. Finally, Talenti per l’Impresa offers the managerial skills and tools to launch entrepreneurial projects or manage them at best.

Primary and secondary schools have the opportunity to widen their educational offer with the courses and in-depth classes of project Diderot, which has involved over 50,000 students to date.

Research in Turin and Piedmont receives constant support from Fondazione CRT: all main local research institutes, well as universities in Piedmont, receive contributions for research or structural implementation projects.

Finally, pure research and technological transfer are the focus of Progetto Lagrange, which pays particular attention to complexity sciences.

Today, the activities of Fondo Ricerca e Talenti deserves special attention. The fund was created in 2012, inspired by the experience gathered by the best American universities. The goal is to provide the University of Turin – through various fundraising activities – with financial assets which can grow over time.