International activity

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For Fondazione CRT the interest in Internationalisation has heightened in recent years, finding its principle motivation in the belief that comparison on a European and International level are essential in order to be able to offer real opportunities for growth for the local area. Fondazione CRT contributes to development through exporting excellence from the territory and attracting ideas, resources and examples from the international scene.




Fondazione CRT is an active member of the principal European and international networks of philanthropy and is represented within the governing bodies, including the European Foundation Centre (EFC), and the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA).

Since 2011 the Foundation has collaborated with the United Nations bodies, a platform for intercultural dialogue and cooperation between cultures, with 125 countries and numerous international organisations among its members.

Participating in the principal European and international philanthropy networks, Fondazione CRT develops strategic partnerships to give life to fruitful exchanges of knowledge and experience and create joint initiatives.



Since 2008, Fondazione CRT is involved in the study of community projects and as a result has published two guides to European Projects to assist its own stakeholders in participating and accessing European Calls for proposals.

Fondazione CRT is interested in networks in the field of philanthropy just as it is interested in European projects. It is leading partner of “Caravan. Artists on the Road”, within the framework of the Culture Programme; it is partner of project “Creative Companies in Alpine Space”, which is related to the Alpine Space Programme, and is member of the “Social Innovation Ambassador Network” within the larger “Building a European Network of Incubators for Social Innovation” project, which is part of the Seventh Framework Programme.

The attention given to internationalization - which was already a clear aspect in some of the Fondazione’s consolidated projects - stems from
the intention to make local non-profit organizations stronger, thanks to contacts with Europe and the international level, and to attract new projects and economic resources to Piedmont.